About US

The main goal of Medic4me.com is to put patients in control of their health, we are building the future of healthcare now.
Central to human happiness and well-being is improved health. Health has proven to make vast contributions to economic progress, as healthy populations thrive by living longer, being more productive and saving more. Our physical stengths and behaviours are tightly linked through health. With improved health we all can pay better attention to ourselves and loved ones.
"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or siver" Mahatma Gandhi
Our Medic4me.com team has in total more than 50 years of experience how to establish succesfull new healthcare technologies in the German speaking market of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
"Take care of your body. It`s the only place you have to live in!" Jim Rohn
Medic4me.com has always the patients in focus and we will support them to improve their health.
Tele-/Video-Healthcare had even before the Covid19 pandemic a huge focus of our business approach, but now for sure we focus completely on it.
Medic4me.com is based in the hightec region of Munich and we are very experienced to establish new innovative healthcare in the German-speaking market.
Our mission: Healthcare - simple and efficient - patients firstOur market: Germany, Austria and Switzerland - with a population of nearly 100 million people 

Medic4me.com always aims to

  • constantly source excellent new healthcare technologies to support humans to take care of their health
  • promote, support and establish new healthcare companies in the German-speaking area
  • our goal is to win new cooperation partners and place them successfully in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

We at Medic4me.com love supporting your new innovative healthcare technologies to contribute to pro-active healthcare of all.
As we have continously grown the last years, new healthcare technology suppliers from abroad have sought us out to  estabslish their technology/brand in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
We, the Medic4me.com team are looking forward in supporting your company and technologies in the German-speaking market.
Let us together put everybody in control of their health.
If you have any further questions, please contact the Medic4me.co team anytime Email